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Why you should add video to your website.

Moving pictures and words are unbelievably powerful when combined together. That’s why television was the most powerful medium for so long. Videos are easy to… Read More

7 new rules for marketing (including planned giving marketing).

Let’s face it. Marketing has changed. The old rules don’t work today and the Internet has proven to be a powerful marketing tool. Although many… Read More

5 reasons why customers say good-bye to you

Customers say good-bye for 5 main reasons: 1. Intentionally pushed away – If they are unprofitable to serve, then they are not worth pursuing unless… Read More

5 stages of the commitment process for planned gifts

Let’s look at the five-step process individuals take before they reach a decision to leave a gift . 1- Attention Simply stated, you cannot get… Read More

Is your website your most effective marketing tool?

Your website should be your most effective marketing tool for lead generation and education. The days of “online brochures” are gone. At the very least,… Read More

What is a highly-qualified lead for planned giving?

A great deal of confusion surrounds whom you should approach for planned gifts. So let’s begin by defining the types of people you will find… Read More

Add some "ONSERTS" to your outgoing email or mail.

Well you’ve heard about inserts – what about onserts? These work because your best business and best referrals will come from your past customers. Check… Read More

Two types of Twitterers revealed.

An article by Fast Company ( recently summed up an interesting study about Twitter users. They found that there are essentially two types of Twitterers…. Read More

Why some planned giving departments are missing out on bequests.

A friend of mine went to a really large public university.  He heard about our SmartGiftmaker and told me I should call someone at his… Read More

Some neat research for planned giving marketing.

The National Committee on Planned Giving* found: that most donors first make a will at age 44 the average age of their first charitable bequest… Read More

Seven things to consider adding to your website to help generate leads

Your website should be your most effective marketing tool for lead generation and education. The days of “online brochures” are gone. At the very least,… Read More

For planned giving marketing- absence of children tops the list

For planned giving marketing, determining who to target is always a tricky task.  There’s lots of literature out there on this subject.  But I found… Read More

Who answers your telephones?

Is the person who answers your phones also your least trained employee? If so, why? Do they answer the phones with class or “attitude”?  And… Read More

Go ahead… Cold call!

Recently someone told me at a networking function that cold-calling was “old-school” and didn’t work. Of course this person admitted he never made a cold… Read More

How to determine which networking events to go to for lead generation.

There are hundreds of networking opportunities in every major city in America – from chambers of commerce to simple clubs and groups. All you need… Read More

Is your business card optimized for marketing performance?

Okay I know business cards have been around for at least a hundred years.  But let’s not forget that they are still one of the… Read More

Why people won't call their leads- a post about sales call reluctance.

Just last week I had two discussions with two different clients that blew me away.  We were talking about the leads my firm generated for… Read More

For planned giving marketing…. the difference between suspects, prospects and qualified leads.

Sometimes we need to step back and evaluate our planned giving database objectively.  Here are three categories you might consider for your planned giving marketing… Read More

What is a QR code and how can you use one for marketing?

A QR code is a “quick response” code.  They are easy to create (there are dozens of free tools available online).  And they simply drive… Read More

A refresher on setting goals.

It’s 2011.  Have you set your goals yet? Someone once told me, “if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up going… Read More

How to leave a voicemail while cold-calling or making follow-up calls.

As most of you know, I still believe in cold-calling. That’s because it still works! Sure I’ve had people tell me it’s old-school. But I don’t… Read More

Interruption marketing is NOT dead.

Evangelists are popping up everywhere screaming that “interruption marketing” is dead. Folks like David Meerman Scott (author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR),… Read More

The White Pages telephone books are dead.

Well…  almost dead.  Let’s say they are dying.  And the Yellow Pages will be right behind them. Verizon has stopped distributing the White Pages in… Read More

Ever wonder what the heck your salespeople are doing all day long?

First off, this is not a rant about insecurity or paranoia.  Rather, I’m sad to say that many sales people will take advantage of you… Read More

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