How's your data?

Recently I attended a networking luncheon where I spoke to a bunch of smart entrepreneurs and asked, “how’s your data?”  Is anyone using a CRM system?  If so, is it organized?  Are you using it to generate leads and make sales?

One person rose her hand and said, “we just got ACT”.

Well that’s better than zero.  But guess what?  Your data is a treasure trove of unpolished diamonds just waiting to be cut and polished into valuable gems.

I know… I know…  Data is boring, tedious and overwhelming.  You don’t have time.  You’ve got other things to do.

But some of our clients think otherwise.  One in particular garnered a 12 1/2 to 1 ROI from a marketing campaign… all because they used the data they had (along with some neat MarketSmart ideas) to generate leads and sales.

So, think about your data.  Even if it’s in your accounting system.  That will work!  You can use that to market to your past customers (your best prospects).  Or try to reignite relationships with clients who have faded away.  Purge all the dead accounts.  Add emails to the accounts you are currently working for.  Clean up their addresses and phone numbers.  Delete all the deceased.

Then give us a call.  : )  We’ll show you how to make money from your database.

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