Let's help your clients be the fundraisers they always wanted to be — together!

Fundraising consultants grow with us


by collaborating with us


We’ll be your partner, not your competitor

Since you know your clients best, we’ll only support your efforts, not undermine them. And besides, we have no in-house consultants, so we’ll never try to steal your clients!

You’ll be the orchestra conductor and we’ll play the music.

We’ll make you look good. When your clients achieve their goals faster and at lower cost, they’ll thank you and refer you to others.

We’ll help you
  • Elongate engagements with your clients
  • Smooth out the lumpy peaks and valleys of traditional contract work
  • Stay on the cutting edge
  • Garner better results for your clients
  • Coach your clients to success using the tools and technologies we provide
  • Employ our team of marketing geeks as if they were yours
  • Grow your business with engagement fundraising technologies and tactics
  • Be “in the know” about new research findings and technological advances
  • Collaborate for success to give your clients what they need
Together, we’ll help your clients
  • Generate highly qualified leads for major and legacy gifts
  • Cultivate those leads
  • Steward major and legacy donors
  • Build, optimize and manage portfolios
  • Spend less time cold-calling
  • Plan donor visits more efficiently
Our technologies support
  • Capital campaigns
  • Feasibility study donor surveys
  • Major gift lead generation marketing and caseload qualification efforts
  • Mid-level donor migration marketing
  • Legacy gift marketing including legacy gift discovery and documentation
  • Automated cultivation and stewardship marketing


Their results far surpass any I’ve seen in two-plus decades of legacy giving.

Greg Lassonde, CFRE Legacy Giving Specialist/Consultant Greg Lassonde

The dashboard is terrific. We’ve already raised $160,000.

Carol Pribulka, Independent Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organization Consultant Carol Pribulka

What you’ve done is game-changing.

Phyllis Freedman, Planned giving expert consultant and lifetime achievement award winner Phyllis Freedman

It’s not hyperbole to say that MarketSmart’s Engagement Fundraising has changed the way I approach fundraising.

Tracy Malloy-Curtis, Legacy Giving Director, Mal Warwick Donordigital Tracy Malloy-Curtis


Take this quiz to find out.

  1. Do you want to grow your business?
  2. Do you want to elongate your contracts with clients?
  3. Do you want to smooth-out the lumpiness of contract work?
  4. Do you or your clients want/need highly qualified leads for major gifts and/or legacy gifts especially during capital campaigns?
  5. Do you or your clients want/need their leads prioritized so they can build or refresh caseloads and optimize them for more efficient, cost-effective fundraising and outreach?
  6. Do you or your clients want/need an automated lead cultivation system that helps their supporters involve themselves with the organization’s mission as they move themselves through the consideration process?
  7. Do you or your clients want/need to uncover hidden legacy gifts at very low cost?
  8. Do you or your clients want/need to enhance their stewardship efforts to improve retention among major donors and legacy society members?
  9. Do you or your clients want/need to find new major donors?
  10. Would you or your firm benefit if your clients achieved success faster and more efficiently?
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