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What You Need to Know about Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) in 2020

What You Need to Know about Donor-Advised Funds in 2020 What is a DAF and how do they work? Why are DAFs growing so fast?… Read More

How to market qualified charitable distributions (QCDs)

How to market QCDs How do QCDs work? When do donors have to make a decision? How are other organizations are doing it. Learn that… Read More

51% of Fundraisers Plan to Leave Their Jobs by 2021. Here’s What You Need to Know.

51% of Fundraisers Plan to Leave Their Jobs by 2021 What key findings did the study uncover? What is the true cost of fundraiser turnover?… Read More

Will-Writing Tools as a Component of an Integrated Legacy Marketing Program

Everything You Need to Know about Online Will-writing Platforms Where do will-writing tools fit in your strategic plan? How do you measure planned giving success?… Read More

Fundraising Climate Change And What You Can Do About It

Fundraising Climate Change and What You Can Do About It How to survive and thrive during the most turbulent yet transformative era ever to face… Read More

How to Use Donor Surveys to Raise More Money

Learn how to use surveys to raise more money! Dr. Russell James is back and ready to share the knowledge you need to advance your… Read More

How to Think About Major Gifts, So You’ll Get More of Them

ARE YOU SEEKING NEW IDEAS TO TAKE YOUR MAJOR GIFTS PROGRAM TO NEW HEIGHTS? In this presentation, fundraising guru, Jeff Schreifels, covers how to think… Read More

How Colleges and Universities Are Using Donor Surveys to Raise More Major Gifts and Planned Gifts

In this presentation, MarketSmart CEO and Founder, Greg Warner, covers everything you need to know about how and why colleges and universities are using donor… Read More

How to Ask for Major Gifts…with the Donor’s Permission

In this presentation, the Founder & President of MajorDonors.com, Diane Remin, will cover everything you need to know about how to ask for major gifts… Read More

Inside the Mind of Your Major Donor: The Science Behind Major Giving and Philanthropy

Find out what’s happening in the minds of your major donors Major donors need to feel involved and invested. They need outstanding communication. They like… Read More

How to Achieve Planned Giving Success Online: Real World Examples That Will Get You Excited About Your Program’s Potential

In this presentation, SmartGiving President, Phyllis Freedman, covers everything you need to know about how you can attain success online. She uses real-world examples and… Read More

How to Generate More Planned Gifts with Less Money and Reduced Resources: An Introduction to Engagement Fundraising Principles and Tactics That Really Work

Wondering how you can do more with less while still capturing your share of the massive transfer of wealth everyone keeps talking about? Don’t worry…. Read More

Unlocking Mega Gifts – How Faith Based Organizations Surface 6 and 7 figure current gifts from assets not cash

In this presentation, Greg Ring covers everything you need to know about how faith-based organizations are surfacing and closing transformational gifts from donors who the… Read More

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