How to market qualified charitable distributions (QCDs)

How to market QCDs

How do QCDs work? When do donors have to make a decision? How are other organizations doing it? Learn that and MORE!

In 2018 Reuters reported that household net worth in the U.S. surpassed $100 trillion with $8.4 trillion saved in retirement assets including:

  • IRA’s (approximately 31% of retirement savings or $2.5+ trillion);
  • 401k’s;
  • Annuities;
  • Pension plans.

And, continued growth is expected.

Savvy nonprofits are marketing QCDs to their donors as a way to make an impact now and realize tax benefits. As with any type of decision, it’s best to reduce friction, and during this webinar we’ll discuss how other organizations are making it easier for their constituents to make a QCD. We’ll review real client case studies and discuss key tactics that you can employ at your shop.

About the Presenters:

Tracy Malloy-Curtis, JD

Tracy Malloy-Curtis, JD
Legacy Giving Director at Mal Warwick Donordigital

A seasoned philanthropy professional and strategic thinker with extensive experience in donor relations, stewardship, leadership/major giving, planned giving, and campaigns. Tracy uses data and research to create strategic fundraising programs for social justice organizations. Currently, in her role at Mal Warwick Donordigital, she advises nonprofit clients on multichannel planned giving marketing; planned giving program development and benchmarking; fundraising audits; and major/planned gift officer cross-training.

Zach Shefska

Jeff Giannotto
Senior Solutions Advisor at MarketSmart

Over the past 6 years, in his role as Senior Solutions Advisor at MarketSmart, Jeff has advised organizations of all sizes on Engagement Fundraising. Leveraging integrated technology and marketing, MarketSmart helps nonprofits generate, qualify, cultivate and prioritize potential donors. Over the years, Jeff has consulted with Salvation Army, City of Hope, Food For The Poor, ASPCA, Girl Scouts of the USA, Special Olympics, and more.

We will cover:

  1. What are qualified charitable distributions, and who can make them?
  2. How are other nonprofits marketing QCDs, and what is working best? This will include a live case study.
  3. When should nonprofits market QCDs, and “who’s budget” should it come out of?
  4. Other ways to give from individual retirement accounts (IRAs).
  5. How to advocate for additional marketing dollars to support a strategic marketing program.
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