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How MarketSmart came to be

In 2007 MarketSmart’s founder, Greg Warner, received a newsletter from one of his beloved charities, which seemingly sought to generate leads for its planned giving department. He decided to call them to see if their impersonal mass-marketing approach was working well. It was not.

So, Greg decided to improve the effectiveness of the charity’s lead generation and cultivation efforts with a fresh strategy. After implementing Greg’s plan, the organization generated more highly qualified leads—and found more gifts—than it had previously uncovered in any single marketing campaign, ever.

After that initial success, Greg recognized that the greatest transfer of wealth in U.S. history was imminent and decided to act. He realized that by combining his understanding of high technology with savvy marketing strategies and superior sales skills, he could help non-profit organizations increase the pace and scale of their planned giving efforts.

Today, MarketSmart is a planned and major gift marketing software and services firm that helps nonprofits raise more money more efficiently. The firm’s cornerstone engagement fundraising platform uses cutting-edge tracking technologies to help fundraisers zero-in on and effectively cultivate donors that are most likely to deliver large, major or legacy gifts.

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Our mission

To be the worldwide leader in major gift and legacy gift fundraising software subscriptions and services that help nonprofits increase revenues and decrease costs, while also helping supporters and employees find meaning in their lives.


Greg Warner

Greg Warner CEO MarketSmartGreg Warner is CEO and Founder of MarketSmart and the author of Engagement Fundraising. He also invented the Fundraising Report Card and the DAFwidget.

In 2013, Greg coined the phrase “Engagement Fundraising” to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Using their own innovative strategies and technologies, MarketSmart helps fundraisers zero in on the donors most likely to support their organizations and institutions with major and legacy gifts.

Unlike big data/wealth screening services, MarketSmart’s System is donor-driven and fair. It inspires supporters to lean-in to engage and explain why they care. Greg labeled this tech-enabled donor discovery. Then the System signals when supporters need help—so your team becomes more effective and efficient as a result of knowing when to make outreach. The result for you is optimized operations and happier fundraisers — and donors — which results in less staff turnover and more revenue.

Bottom line: The System positions your team for success so they close gifts faster and at lower cost.

Plus, there’s no risk to try it out because it comes with a 10-to-1 return on investment guarantee. That’s why hundreds of organizations of all sizes in every sector use it.

Additionally, Greg is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a BS in journalism / marketing minor (cum laude). He volunteers and donates to a variety of organizations and regularly fosters dogs and cats while awaiting their adoption. Plus, he is an artist, musician, runner and snowboarder who lives with his amazing family just outside of Washington, DC in Maryland. You can reach Greg very easily at info@imarketsmart.com.

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