Partner Program

When your clients achieve their goals faster and at lower cost, they’ll thank you and refer you to others.


Unlike many other fundraising/marketing firms, we have no in-house consultants. So, we won’t try to steal your clients!


You’ll be the orchestra conductor and we’ll play the tune. Then we’ll make beautiful music (results) together.

We Help You Grow

You can’t be everywhere at once. MarketSmart not only lets fundraisers multiply their effectiveness without adding staff, it lets YOU, the all-star fundraising consultant, cover more ground. Our simple interface and world-class support will keep your focus on those million-dollar fundraising questions you love so much.

We Give You The Edge

Everybody wants more contracts and longer contracts. We provide you with the tools and resources to successfully execute both of those goals. Think about it – nobody fires the consultant who comes attached with the game-changing solution.

You Know Your Stuff, We Know Your Stuff

We see you there — scanning The Agitator with your morning coffee, making your plans for the next Bridge Conference — we’re right there with you. Our platform was built for fundraisers by fundraisers, so we know firsthand what’s important to you and to your clients.

We Get Results For You, And Your Clients

Data drives what we do, and it always has. We love the art of fundraising as much as anybody, but there is a proven science to finding major and/or planned gifts. Every ask, every webpage, every turn-of-phrase matters, and we have the numbers to back it up.

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