Focus on high capacity supporters ready for your outreach right now.


We’ll help you see who’s ready so you can strike while the iron is hot.

Multiply staff effectiveness.

Help one fundraiser perform like nine by leveraging technology to handle the time-consuming and tedious tasks. The result? More face-time with highly qualified, wealthy supporters searching for meaning in their lives through giving.

We agree, all donors are not equal.

Your time is precious.

Prioritization is key. You can’t waste time calling unqualified, non-prioritized donor prospects. And besides, if you do, you’ll only get ‘go-away-gifts’ or no gifts at all. You want to feel confident knowing that your outreach is likely to result in a set appointment or a gift.

Fish where the big fish are biting.

Now you can stop coming up empty-handed when you finally get a chance to make some calls. Our qualification and prioritization system helps fundraisers like you determine who to call and when so you can improve your appointment setting close rates exponentially.

Stop being busy. Start being effective.

Focus your attention where it’s needed most.

You know they’re out there— major donors and legacy gift supporters longing for your attention. Now you can see who’s ready to engage with you personally and who needs more cultivation. Just check your dashboard!

Reach out to donors when they’ll appreciate your advances.

Prioritizing your outreach efforts according to your donors’ desires makes them happy and makes you more effective so you can be the fundraiser you always wanted to be.


With your program we doubled our results at half the cost.

Glen Belden, Director of Planned Giving, Food For The Poor Food For the Poor

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