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FREE Report: Fundraising Climate Change and What You Can Do about It

Brief Executive Summary Fundraising Climate Change and What You Can Do About It How to survive and thrive during the most turbulent yet transformative era… Read More

Fundraising Consultant Publication Request

A Quarterly Publication:Exclusively for fundraising consultants! Interviews with industry-leading consultants, ideas for how to grow your business, and insights from thought leaders — all for… Read More

2020 Major Gift Benchmark Report – GET IT NOW

Get It Now:2020 Major Gift Benchmark Report What is a major gift? How satisfied are fundraisers with their major gift pipeline? What trends are we… Read More

Top 10 Tips for Landing More Meetings

LEARN how to land more meaningful meetings with major and legacy donors Find out: How to get over the valley of distrust How to make… Read More

What You Need to Know About Online Will-Writing Tools

What You Need to Know About Online Will-Writing Tools Should you invest in online tools that help your supporters write their own wills? The short… Read More

A Decade of Million Dollar Bequests in Review

$39 Billion in bequests. Are you missing out? Thanks to a little help from our friends at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy,… Read More

Dr. Russell James’ Charitable Gift Planning eCourse

Get 13 CFRE credits upon completion Free training for your team There’s no charge! Save hundreds and thousands of dollars that you would otherwise pay… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Major Donor Letters

LEARN how to write engaging letters to major donors that raise money Our new and improved guide will help you every step of the way… Read More

The Ultimate How-to-Guide For Conducting Nonprofit Donor Surveys

IMPROVE YOUR EFFICIENCY. INCREASE RETENTION. RAISE MORE MONEY! Finally, the Ultimate How-To-Guide for Conducting Nonprofit Donor Surveys is here. Now you can discover all the… Read More

Turn Myths Into Gifts: 10 Paradigms You Need to Shatter to Power Up Your Legacy Giving

The greatest transfer of wealth is right around the corner. Between 2000 and 2050, trillions in bequests are expected to go to charity. Are you… Read More

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