Will-Writing Tools as a Component of an Integrated Legacy Marketing Program

Everything You Need to Know about Online Will-writing Platforms

Where do will-writing tools fit in your strategic plan? How do you measure planned giving success? And MORE!

There’s been a lot of discussion in the planned giving industry regarding free will-writing platforms. These are being heavily marketed right now as a way to dramatically increase planned giving ROI. This webinar is not meant to criticize or endorse these platforms. We do want to offer some insight on the risks of pinning your planned giving success solely on these programs, suggestions as to what a truly effective planned giving marketing program might look like, and where these platforms might fit in.

Legacy gift marketing is not just about getting into as many wills as possible. Any organization opting to use these online will-writing tools must recognize that these tools should only supplement robust strategic legacy gift marketing initiatives, not replace them. And if they are used, stewardship – including extensive marketing-based stewardship – is key to ensuring that donors will not alter their decisions later.

About the Presenter:

Tracy Malloy-Curtis, JD

Tracy Malloy-Curtis, JD
Legacy Giving Director at Mal Warwick Donordigital

A seasoned philanthropy professional and strategic thinker with extensive experience in donor relations, stewardship, leadership/major giving, planned giving, and campaigns. Tracy uses data and research to create strategic fundraising programs for social justice organizations. Currently, in her role at Mal Warwick Donordigital, she advises nonprofit clients on multichannel planned giving marketing; planned giving program development and benchmarking; fundraising audits; and major/planned gift officer cross-training.

We will cover:

  1. Whether free will-writing platforms have a place in a strategic legacy gifts marketing plan.
  2. Under certain circumstances, they can be one element of your plan. But they cannot be your only plan.
  3. Risks of relying solely on will-writing platforms.
  4. Where to allocate your legacy marketing dollars.
  5. Importance of stewardship.
  6. Real metrics of legacy marketing success.
  7. Advocating for additional marketing dollars to support a strategic legacy gifts marketing program.
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