Who answers your telephones?

answer your telephones correctlyIs the person who answers your phones also your least trained employee? If so, why?

Do they answer the phones with class or “attitude”?  And furthermore, does that person understand the value of an inbound lead?

The fact is… you’re putting one of the most important parts of your business (capturing leads) in the hands (or ears) of someone who needs to be trained properly. Give them pointers on politeness and empower them to do what they must to get a call to the right person. Especially if it’s a new business call!

Give them scripts that they must follow so each inbound call is treated like gold.  Step outside of the box and think like your customers.  How would they want and expect your phones to be answered?

Perhaps even include a benefit statement in the script such as, “JJJ Locksmith… your key to open doors… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… how can we help you?”

Also, teach them the importance of writing down names and phone numbers without any errors. One missed call could be a missed opportunity for a million dollar client.

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