Why some planned giving departments are missing out on bequests.

A friend of mine went to a really large public university.  He heard about our SmartGiftmaker and told me I should call someone at his Alma Mater.  So I did.  Or so I tried to do.

I went online, found the University’s website.  Entered “planned giving” in their search bar and found a list of stuff.  Some of it had to do with planned giving.  Some of it didn’t.  So I entered “donation”.  That sent me to a “Donate Now!” page.

I searched around and found a link for planned giving.  So I clicked it and got to a page with a huge photo and the words “What is your legacy?” along with some other links about ways to give.

But I really just wanted to talk to someone and I couldn’t find a phone number to call.  So I went back to the “Donate Now!” page and found a phone number for the development office.  And guess what happened when I dialed that number?

I got the Engineering School!

No kidding.  I got the Engineering School.

I figured I dialed incorrectly so I tried again and sure enough, the number was wrong.

So I went back to the search bar and found some other links and some other phone numbers.  I finally got someone in the development office and told him that I was looking for the Planned Giving office.  He was happy to transfer me.  But guess where I went?  TO THE ENGINEERING SCHOOL!

I had to give up.  And I wonder how many donors gave up too?  How many bequests must they have lost?

I didn’t have time to track down the planned giving department any longer.  But the next time I spoke to my friend I encouraged him to let his Alma Mater know that they were missing out in big way.

Folks… let’s make it easy to give, ok?

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