How pay-per-click marketing is perceived at budget time.

Pretty darn well.

Chart about PPC marketing

Source: Marketing Sherpa

According to Marketing Sherpa ( “the majority of organizations say PPC is an effective tool for producing ROI, with 77% of organizations indicating that PPC is either producing measurable ROI, or that PPC is a promising tactic that will eventually produce ROI.”

That’s pretty big.

And only 8% say they won’t consider using it.

{Warning… softball sales pitch here)

Here at MarketSmart we optimize your PPC campaigns because we monitor the inbound phone calls you receive and track-back which keywords turned into sales (along with a host of other analysis tools).  Then we bid more on the keyword strings the produce the best ROI.  Let me know if you are interested in seeing how we do that.  It’s pretty neat!

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