So how effective is inbound internet lead generation?… Really!

I love Marketing Sherpa.  They have great charts and free information.

Of course, they’re trying to sell you their three-hundred dollar benchmark reports.  But I don’t care.  Their free information is fantastic.  And I’ve actually bought two of their reports.  So I guess their strategy works.

And recently, they released a free chart that shows what marketers think about the effectiveness of PPC marketing.  The results are in!  And PPC is a clear winner.

PPC effectiveness for lead generation and ROI

The effectiveness of PPC objectives

Over 87% of marketers feel that PPC is either somewhat effective or very effective increasing lead generation.  And 94% feel the strategy is either somewhat effective or very effective for increasing website traffic.

Good stuff!

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Jon Payne
13 years ago

Good stuff Greg. I second your thoughts on Marketing Sherpa. Love their reports.

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