Go ahead… Cold call!

Recently someone told me at a networking function that cold-calling was “old-school” and didn’t work.cold calling

Of course this person admitted he never made a cold call in his life and is in fact currently unemployed.

In these days of inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, email and online networking, many businesses overlook one of the most powerful business tools out there – the telephone. Dollar-for-dollar it’s one of the most effective marketing tools you own.

Although many admit they hate making – and receiving– cold calls, when done right (with respect, care, concern, sophistication and a desire to help others) the cold call is without question a very inexpensive and powerful marketing technique.

I’ve often had people say to me, “ya’ know… I never take calls like these normally but you really got my attention and I’d like to take a look at what you’re offering.  Thank you for calling.”

I’m not kidding.

You have to provide value, be concerned, be genuine, be helpful, be polite, and be persistent.

We make cold calls and many of our clients do.  Don’t let anyone tell you there’s something wrong with engaging with your prospects in this way. It may be an old method but it still works.

And by the way… if the guy I met at the networking session spent time cold-calling businesses to offer his services in return for employment, I’d bet he’d find a job much faster (as long as he does it right).

Cold calling is not about whether it works or not, it’s about how you do it that counts.

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