Straight talk about major, mid-level and legacy gift fundraising to help you be a better fundraiser

You don't necessarily need more low-dollar donors

You don’t necessarily need more low-dollar donors. You need better ways to determine who has the capacity. You don’t necessarily need more low-dollar donors. You need… Read More

Can raising money be like building furniture?

Did you know you can make furniture without screws, nails or fasteners? Great artisans make furniture using glue, miters, and specialized wood joints. It takes longer to… Read More

Some people find me abrasive. Here's why.

Recently I was told, “Greg, you are one strong cup of coffee.” I like that. Here’s why I am the way I am: 1. I… Read More

The most powerful motivators of major gifts and legacy gifts.

  RemembranceHonor Memorialize Pay tribute Fairness Right wrongs Give back HormonesOxytocin “the love hormone” Cortisol for focus Brain Neurons transmitting information Mirror neurons support empathy… Read More

What's missing from most nonprofit mission statements?

Last week I wrote a post that ruffled some feathers. I do that from time to time. It’s probably because everything I think, write and… Read More

Do you know the names of your donor's influencers?

Life stories are like fingerprints. No two are alike and everyone has them. All of our life stories are filled with challenges that must be… Read More

The number one reason why people give is not what you think

You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked. For many years, this saying has motivated fundraisers to get out there and… Read More

Proof that donors want to help you get past the finish line

I’m constantly reminding people that fundraising is about facilitating and helping donors feel good! To do both, you might want to consider employing the concept of… Read More

Stop complaining because your success is up to you

All of us have been there. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in situations that just plain suck! Think yours is worse than someone else’s? Think… Read More

9 reasons why it’s time to uncover philanthropic mindsets

  I think organizations should do whatever it takes to uncover philanthropic mindsets because: Philanthropists have an unparalleled passion for an organization’s mission. Philanthropists want to right… Read More

I’m so proud of our Glassdoor. Are you proud of yours?

“You can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.”   – Napoleon Hill I have always loved that quote. But I never knew it would… Read More

Another highly requested blog post on why people give

You may have heard that the reason why people give is because they were asked. For many years, this saying has motivated fundraisers to get… Read More

Why the first gift really shouldn't count

At MarketSmart, we get super-excited when a new organization signs up to work with us. And why not? It is, after all, a genuine thrill… Read More

Don’t ever ask someone to give until it hurts

Give until it hurts? Like so many other things I dislike about traditional fundraising axioms, this one has always rubbed me the wrong way. Remember,… Read More

Why not create a donor appreciation department?

Does your organization really appreciate its supporters? Many private businesses have customer service departments because they want to increase the lifetime value of each customer…. Read More

Would you give money to this person?

Trust is crucial, necessary and vital.  I think all of us would agree that one of the most basic reasons why any major donor would… Read More

Why it's time for reinvention

Something is happening all over the world. Entire systems are being reinvented. Uber is reinventing passenger transportation. Netflix is reinventing television shows and movie rentals. Dare… Read More

Another clever way to motivate your supporters to give

I think tips are really donations. A while back I wrote about tipping and what fundraisers can learn from waiters here and here. I also wrote about… Read More

4 reasons why you should spend less time telling donor stories and more time getting your supporters to tell you their life stories

I bet you already know that each and every one of your supporters has a unique reason why they first got involved with your organization—… Read More

Everything you need is already in your database

In the late 1800’s, a motivational speaker gave a speech over 6,000 times.  His name was Russell Conwell and his traveling lecture was titled Acres… Read More

Why silence is golden

A couple of decades or so ago, I was fresh out of school selling advertising space for a local newspaper.  A retailer asked me to write… Read More

Keep Your Chin Up and Keep Trying!

Sometimes we fail. Everyone fails. In fact, there has never been a successful person who has not experienced failure. Of course, that includes me. I’ve… Read More

The Real Secret to Success is Failure

1. “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Robert F. Kennedy 2. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that… Read More

What Does "Value" Have to do with Raising Money?

When it comes to raising money, do you want more donors?  And, want more donors to give more? The only true way to substantially achieve both… Read More

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