Straight talk about major, mid-level and legacy gift fundraising to help you be a better fundraiser

Get ready to be disliked!

If you create something new.  If you innovate.  If you are different.  Get ready to be disliked. You and your non-profit or your business simply… Read More

5 reasons why customers say good-bye to you

Customers say good-bye for 5 main reasons: 1. Intentionally pushed away – If they are unprofitable to serve, then they are not worth pursuing unless… Read More

Why "hope" is not a strategy.

People have been throwing the word “hope” around a lot lately.  Two years ago President Obama’s entire campaign focused on that very word.  And although… Read More

Why you should differentiate your business.

Recently I had lunch with the CEO of a Sharepoint reseller and we were talking about marketplace differentiation. He said he heard a speaker proclaim… Read More

The joy of cold calling- 2 reasons to LOVE doing it! Plus some wisdom from Rocky Balboa

Here are two reasons you should absolutely love cold-calling.  One is mine.  The other is a reason I recently heard from a salesman I interviewed… Read More

Raise your hand if your marketing and sales teams don’t seem to dance well together.

Marketing and sales efforts working together? NOT! Right? How about this….  Are your marketing and sales teams even talking to each other? We’ve heard it… Read More

Success vs. Achievement (smart philosophy from MarketSmart)

People are mixed up about two very important words- success and achievement. A Thesaurus will tell you that success is achievement and achievement is success…. Read More

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