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Greg Warner is CEO and Founder of MarketSmart, a revolutionary marketing software and services firm that helps nonprofits raise more for less. In 2012 Greg coined the phrase “Engagement Fundraising” to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Using their own innovative strategies and technologies, MarketSmart helps fundraisers around the world zero in on the donors most ready to support their organizations and institutions with major and legacy gifts.

I’m constantly reminding people that fundraising is about facilitating and helping donors feel good!
To do both, you might want to consider employing the concept of “Goal Proximity” (also known as “Goal Gradient Helping“). says it nicely here:
“People are more willing to give when you are closer to your fundraising goal.” Tweet this!
“Donors have a greater feeling of satisfaction when they help your campaign cross the finish line, rather than when they help it get off the ground. This means that your campaign will probably attract more gifts as you approach your goal.”
In Classy’s article and the original research, giving rates were measured when a project was:
A) 0-33% toward its fundraising goal
B) 33-66% toward its goal
C) 66-100% toward its goal
And, guess what? The rate of giving at stage B was much greater than stage A and the rate of giving at stage C was much greater than at stage B. So, as the fundraising goal was approached, the rate of giving increased! I think that’s because people feel good knowing that they are part of something big, a team effort! They can really move the needle! And in many cases, especially if you’re using a thermometer to track the campaign’s progress, they can actually see the progress happen.
I guess that’s why motivational speaker Tony Robbins always says, “Progress is happiness.”
Have you noticed this happening in your campaigns?
I bet you have! So let’s remember to provide supporters with opportunities to feel good by giving them a chance to help you get past the finish line.

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