Another clever way to motivate your supporters to give

Philanthropy and karmaI think tips are really donations.
A while back I wrote about tipping and what fundraisers can learn from waiters here and here. I also wrote about the law of reciprocity and why it’s important to provide value to your supporters here and here.
But one thing I haven’t written about is karma. Then, this summer I found myself in a coffee shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. And, sitting on the counter I found an unusual way to ask for a tip (donation).
The tip jar had a sign on it that read, “INSTANT KARMA.”
“Genius!,” I thought to myself.  “That copywriter is a genius!”
With just two simple words, she quickly found her way to my heart and my mind.
With just two simple words, she provided me with value and inspiration.
With just two simple words, she motivated me to give her a tip.
You can do it too.
You can follow this recipe for success by reminding your supporters that giving is good for them too. It’s good for their soul. They’ll feel good if they give. And, they just might get some instant karma as a bonus.

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8 years ago

Great story! Thanks, Greg.
Rehoboth Beach is our vacation destination of choice. Been going there for most of the last 25 years. Which coffee shop was this?

8 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Scott- It’s called the Coffee Mill on Rehoboth Ave.

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