Ya Gotta Give ‘Em Value

Too often people engage with charities but get very little in return. Yet, they keep trying.  
They’ll involve themselves with your charity over and over again even though the experience is never all that great. They become “loyal to a fault” because they have a deep desire to be part of your mission and there might be few or no alternatives. Also, simply making a switch might be just a bit too uncomfortable for them. We humans are creatures of habit.

In the end, people tend to become so dissatisfied that they stop engaging with your charity. They hop around from organization to organization from year to year or throughout their lifetime. That’s why charitable giving in the U.S. is stuck at 2% of GDP and retention is in the toilet. Supporters are hopping around looking for a home!

How can you fix this? Give ’em value!
The theory of reciprocity says ya gotta give to get. So give ’em offers for engagement that provide a positive experience along with tremendous value. Here’s a simple checklist to help you develop your offers for engagement so they are sure to deliver value. Feel free to download and share it with your friends.

Fundraising offer value checklist



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