Why it's time for reinvention

Why it's time for reinvention with nonprofit marketingSomething is happening all over the world. Entire systems are being reinvented.
Uber is reinventing passenger transportation.
Netflix is reinventing television shows and movie rentals.
Dare I get into politics… But Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump are reinventing politics.
Others are reinventing themselves perhaps with less attention.
Western Union, once best known for delivering telegrams(the last one was sent in 2006), reinvented itself to become a money transfer giant.
IBM, once the leader in small computers (PC’s), abandoned that core business to focus on IT expertise and computing services for businesses. Now they are the No. 1 seller of enterprise server solutions in the world [source: IDC].
I can remember thumbing through issue after issue of the print version of National Geographic month after month. Rather than die with most print publications, they mastered every media distribution channel including social media. As of this writing, they have 37 million fans. Wow!
So the question is, what are you reinventing?
I realize many of you are not in a position to reinvent an entire organization. But, whether you are or aren’t, what are you reinventing?
What are you doing to change?
How are you becoming more effective?
What ways are you communicating with your supporters that add value to their lives?
What technologies are you exploring to help you achieve your goals and deliver more value to their lives?
And, most importantly, how are you driving down costs and increasing results?

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