9 reasons why it’s time to uncover philanthropic mindsets


I think organizations should do whatever it takes to uncover philanthropic mindsets because:

  1. Philanthropists have an unparalleled passion for an organization’s mission.
  2. Philanthropists want to right wrongs and transform the world in a way that speaks to them emotionally and intellectually.
  3. Philanthropists want to make a serious impact.
  4. Philanthropists want to find partnerships with facilitators and liaisons who will help them realize their dreams.
  5. Philanthropists want to build relationships with an organizations’ staff, the beneficiaries of their gifts and other philanthropists.
  6. Philanthropists sometimes give impulsively (as wealthy people often do. But, mostly, they give strategically).
  7. Philanthropists know that giving their money away is serious business and they work diligently to do so (just as they did when they accumulated their fortunes).
  8. Philanthropists want to be engaged and involved. They want to see the impact they made. They want to hear from the beneficiaries.
  9. Philanthropists have custom homes, vacation homes, boats and vacations. So it only makes sense that they want to customize their giving experiences too.

Now you can uncover philanthropic inclinations.

Get a demo to find out how!


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7 years ago

Great article on why philanthropic mindsets is important to consider for your charity or organisation. What are some of the ways you think you can encourage more philanthropic focus in charities?

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