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Lower costs, more major and planned gifts


  • Surveygiftmaker is the most effective donor survey tool ever created.
  • We know how to write, design and code them so they deliver results, capture data, build engagement, and raise money.
  • Surveygiftmaker is the ultimate survey system for nonprofits.


  • Legacygiftmaker is the ultimate planned giving website system for engagement tracking and scoring.
  • Legacy gifts account for more than 8% of all charitable giving. These are gifts left to charity after a donor’s lifetime.
  • The Legacygiftmaker micro-site system is a great tool for generating legacy gifts.


  • Majorgiftmaker is the ultimate major gift website system for engagement tracking and scoring.
  • Most donation dollars actually come from wealthy individuals making very large gifts to charities. These are called major gifts.
  • The Majorgiftmaker micro-site system is a crucial tool for generating major gifts.

Engagement Fundraising

  • Giftmaker+ provides automated, ongoing, highly-relevant email cultivation (“drip marketing”).
  • After a survey Giftmaker+ “keeps hot leads warm”.
  • Giftmaker+ uses the data that gets collected from surveys and online engagements to deliver highly relevant, personalized emails to supporters that encourage more engagement.


Monitor your supporters online engagements.
Stop interrupting your supporters with expensive junk mail and offensive spam.


See which supporters are
most highly engaged in real-time.
Our engagement scoring is based on each supporter’s online and offline involvement with your organization’s mission.

See who’s clicking, when and for how long. Learn more about each supporter’s interests, passion, and desires.
Assign case loads more effectively. Reach out to supporters when they are ready. Close more gifts faster.

marketing funnel
  • Track and monitor each individual supporter’s engagements
  • Be more considerate of their wants and needs
  • Recognize where they reside in the gift consideration process
  • Send the right messages at the right times
  • Be more donor-centric, efficient and effective


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