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Follow-up to the post about being disliked…

If you don’t know Seth Godin, you should. Here’s a post that is much better than mine about being disliked. When it comes to marketing,… Read More

Behind the stats and metrics of email marketing for planned giving marketing

On a listserve recently there was a discussion about what you can expect from email marketing in planned giving marketing.  I can tell you that,… Read More

How to spot the 4 types of givers for your fundraising efforts.

When you boil it all down, there are really just 4 types of givers you need to understand for your fundraising efforts. 1- Impulse givers…. Read More

Is your email signature helping or hurting your marketing efforts?

Why wouldn’t you create a great email signature? Don’t forget about your email signature (the space at the end of the emails you send out)…. Read More

Have you used Slideshare yet? is less well known than Facebook or Twitter but it’s a neat free tool for promoting your PowerPoint presentations and building your credibility. Plus… Read More

Using Facebook to market your business? Some basics to help you see if it's right for you.

Set up a business page In addition to your personal profile, you may want to set up a Facebook page for your business. Funny thing… Read More

Still looking for ways to utilize LinkedIn for business?

Research your prospects You can learn a great deal about a person on LinkedIn. For example, wouldn’t it be great if you had a meeting… Read More

Some more ways to make the most of LinkedIn.

Generate leads- If you’ve got something really worthwhile to offer – such as a great free report – you could use it to generate leads…. Read More

Is your bequest language easy to find?

Try this.  Google “planned giving”.  Then go to 3 organization’s websites and try to find the bequest language a donor would need to include in… Read More

Why you should add video to your website.

Moving pictures and words are unbelievably powerful when combined together. That’s why television was the most powerful medium for so long. Videos are easy to… Read More

5 stages of the commitment process for planned gifts

Let’s look at the five-step process individuals take before they reach a decision to leave a gift . 1- Attention Simply stated, you cannot get… Read More

Is your website your most effective marketing tool?

Your website should be your most effective marketing tool for lead generation and education. The days of “online brochures” are gone. At the very least,… Read More

Some neat research for planned giving marketing.

The National Committee on Planned Giving* found: that most donors first make a will at age 44 the average age of their first charitable bequest… Read More

Seven things to consider adding to your website to help generate leads

Your website should be your most effective marketing tool for lead generation and education. The days of “online brochures” are gone. At the very least,… Read More

Is your business card optimized for marketing performance?

Okay I know business cards have been around for at least a hundred years.  But let’s not forget that they are still one of the… Read More

For planned giving marketing…. the difference between suspects, prospects and qualified leads.

Sometimes we need to step back and evaluate our planned giving database objectively.  Here are three categories you might consider for your planned giving marketing… Read More

What is a QR code and how can you use one for marketing?

A QR code is a “quick response” code.  They are easy to create (there are dozens of free tools available online).  And they simply drive… Read More

Interruption marketing is NOT dead.

Evangelists are popping up everywhere screaming that “interruption marketing” is dead. Folks like David Meerman Scott (author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR),… Read More

3 simple ways to get prospects to CALL YOU.

These days there’s a lot of talk about how you should use your website as a marketing machine.  …A lot of talk about search engine… Read More

Direct mail drives online interactions?

According to research from Pitney Bowes, “60 percent of respondents believe that offline marketing is most likely to get them to visit the website of… Read More

Why you should differentiate your business.

Recently I had lunch with the CEO of a Sharepoint reseller and we were talking about marketplace differentiation. He said he heard a speaker proclaim… Read More

What's happening to newspapers and the Yellow Pages?

Newspapers in decline. In the first half of 2009, 105 newspapers collapsed, shut down their presses and closed their doors.  U.S. newspaper circulation has been… Read More

How to dramatically cut postage, printing and fulfillment costs while reducing your impact on the environment.

Regularly sending out lots of information to prospects, clients, or customers? How are you doing that?  Is it time consuming?  Are the packets messy?  Lots… Read More

Raise your hand if your marketing and sales teams don’t seem to dance well together.

Marketing and sales efforts working together? NOT! Right? How about this….  Are your marketing and sales teams even talking to each other? We’ve heard it… Read More

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