Raise your hand if your marketing and sales teams don’t seem to dance well together.

Marketing and sales efforts working together?

NOT! Right?

How about this….  Are your marketing and sales teams even talking to each other?

We’ve heard it all.

Sales says: Marketing doesn’t understand what’s happening on the front lines.

And marketing says: Sales won’t follow up on leads and can’t close deals.

Sound familiar?  Tying marketing and sales together is the key to delivering a return on your investment. I’d like to say there are lots of books and articles written on this subject.  But there aren’t. It’s sort of the missing link of ROI.

Solution: Hire a marketing firm that truly understand sales.  And hire a sales consulting firm that truly understands marketing.

Otherwise, here are a few points to consider in order to get your sales and marketing teams to work together.

  1. Start with an objective.
  2. Make sure marketing vets the objective with sales (they’ll know whether it’s realistic or not).
  3. Listen to the sales team.  They are at the front lines.  Never discount their input.
  4. Now you can develop a marketing strategy.
  5. And then you MUST show it to the sales team.
  6. Revise it and show it to some prospects and/or clients.
  7. Once you get buy-in from the prospects and/or clients AND the sales team…. it’s time to dance!

Too often we see a lack of communication and (sometimes) outright animosity between marketing and sales.  You can’t dance with someone who steps on your toes, fumbles around or has bad breath.  So, learn to work together and take a breath mint.

Or, reach out to us at MarketSmart.  We tie it all together and deliver a return on your investment.

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