Straight talk about major, mid-level and legacy gift fundraising to help you be a better fundraiser

Buckle up, fundraisers—hyperinflation and other factors are likely to change everything very soon

I sincerely hope I’m wrong. After all, I’m no economist. But it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to ignore the storm clouds gathering… Read More

Are you doubling down on a low-dollar fundraising strategy?

A few years ago a client told us she was being asked by her leadership to consider cancelling her MarketSmart subscription.  She said that during… Read More

The Top 3 Reasons Spray-And-Pray Fundraising Communications Fail

The traditional spray and pray marketing communications tactics just don’t work. Here’s why: 1. They are Irrelevant In this day and age, people get bombarded… Read More

Top 10 reasons you should take the new Donor Story: Epic Fundraising online training course with Dr. Russell James

Top 10 reasons you should take the new Donor Story: Epic Fundraising online training course with Dr. Russell James You’ll understand the secret reason people… Read More

You Don’t Need Data, You Need Actionable Intelligence

You have plenty of data. That data probably includes donation recency, frequency, and monetary value. You might also track involvement information (participation in events, volunteerism,… Read More

What The Heck Is Progressive Profiling And Why You Need To Do It?

It’s about their timing, not yours. Fundraisers, as well as their organization’s leadership and board members, need to come to terms with the fact that… Read More

The top qualification and prioritization data points you should consider before you reach out to your supporters to build a caseload

We surveyed a few hundred fundraisers to find out what they felt were the most (and least) important data points for qualifying and prioritizing major… Read More

4-Step Process for “Reimagining Fundraising Operations”

Jim Langley’s 4-Step Process for “Reimagining Fundraising Operations” Webinar Held October 27, 2021 Join Jim Langley, renowned expert on how institutions can adapt best to… Read More

Isn’t it time you leveraged technology so you can be the fundraiser you always wanted to be?

Let technology do what you don’t do well. Everyone knows that technology has been the key for innovation in the private sector. But the nonprofit… Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why Gift Officers Won’t Make Outbound Calls to Donors

The reasons why fundraisers won’t make outbound calls to donors are because they are: FEARFUL: They fear rejection. CONFUSED: They don’t know what to say…. Read More

Why most of your marketing should appeal to donors in the WHY stage of the consideration continuum

Instinct. When I first started helping nonprofits raise major gifts for less, I instinctively knew that the traditional planned giving web content most vendors supplied… Read More

Why Response Rates Don’t Matter

It always frustrates me to hear fundraisers or their consultants concern themselves with vanity metrics like response rates for lead generation efforts.  Honestly, I’m tired… Read More

Apple will be changing how their products report your email marketing metrics… but does it matter?

Apple will be driving change yet again. Yep! You know Apple. In addition to all the wonderful products they create, there’s one thing they also… Read More

All About Automation

ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION How to Leverage Technology to Automate Tedious Tasks—So You Can Spend More Time Raising Major Gifts   Webinar Held August 4, 2021… Read More

A powerful new way to deliver value to your future supporters

If you work for a college or university, you already know that many of your donors give because of the experience they had when they attended your institution. For… Read More

Why your nonprofit’s donor survey could be causing more harm than good

Thinking about sending out a donor survey? If so, be sure to use the survey responses properly so you ‘speak’ personally and relevantly to each… Read More

How to put marketing automation to work for your nonprofit’s fundraising

Catching up. If you read all my previous posts (starting here) about how you can use marketing automation to raise more major and legacy gifts,… Read More

Top 10 ways marketing automation helps nonprofits raise more money for less

Quick review In my previous post  I outlined the 3 types of marketing automation tools fundraising operations really should understand. Plus I recommended you deploy… Read More

3 types of marketing automation fundraising operations need to understand (including one you really need to deploy right away)

In this previous post we discussed the fact that lower-level, basic automation works better for raising low-dollar donors.  That’s why you need more sophisticated automation… Read More

Do you really need MORE gift officers to raise more money?

Too many nonprofits mistakenly assume that the best way to increase major gifts fundraising is to hire more major gifts officers.  To a point, this… Read More

Can your nonprofit organization afford to invest in marketing automation?

SPOILER ALERT: You can’t afford not to automate your fundraising operations In my previous post, I promised to examine whether or not you can afford… Read More

How marketing automation helps nonprofits raise more major gifts, planned gifts and mid-level gifts at lower cost

Quick review In my previous post I outlined the reasons why nonprofit fundraising operations need marketing automation so they raise money more cost-efficiently. In this… Read More

The case for marketing automation: Why nonprofit fundraising operations should automate tasks to optimize staff performance

Fundraising is getting harder You don’t just feel it. You know it from the data. Retention is getting tougher. Attracting new donors is becoming more… Read More

Scheduling Visits is Scary…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

SCHEDULING VISITS IS SCARY… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Webinar held June 23, 2021  Learn why Kevin Fitzpatrick used to suck at… Read More

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