Isn’t it time you leveraged technology so you can be the fundraiser you always wanted to be?

Let technology do what you don’t do well.

Everyone knows that technology has been the key for innovation in the private sector. But the nonprofit sector is still mostly employing CRM, email, and social media to build relationships with supporters.

Yet, you can empower technology to help you not only find, but also build relationships with your “Pareto” top 20 percent. Your challenges thwarting your attempts to provide amazing donor experiences can be overcome, and the good news is that it won’t require adding more staff or paying them more money so they stick around longer (although that’s not a bad thing).

Save time and money while building better relationships.

Leveraging technology will help you save time and money as it enables you to focus on the top-level givers for your organization. For example, relevant online VIP zones and big data can be combined to help you build and maintain lasting relationships with donors. Plus, technology can offer opportunities for easier tracking of their interests. Add some artificial intelligence and machine learning and you’ll be gaining ground on how for-profit businesses leverage technology to garner greater results.

Deliver more value.

The real benefit of technology, however, is that it enables you to deliver amazing, personalized experiences to supporters and relate with them in more meaningful ways individually.

Using technology to engage prospects allows you to learn what they want and need, and to monitor their involvement to determine where they are in the gift consideration process.

Ultimately, technology can put you in the right place at the right time – precisely when the donor wants you there to facilitate their giving and make them feel good.


Technology provides convenience for your supporters.

After all, that’s the number-one reason why people use Amazon to buy their stuff. Uber, Tesla, Apple, and others have shown the rest of us the way.

The time has come.

It’s time for the nonprofit sector to follow their path by using technology to determine with whom to engage, when to engage, what to say in your communications, and why your prospects even care about giving. Best of all, you can use technology to capture and provide all of this information, with the added benefit of building trust.

So what do you say? Want to learn how you can benefit from technology? Schedule a time to talk to a solutionist today! We’ll show you how.


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Todd West
Todd West
2 years ago

Completely agree. How can we convince decision makers to make the investment?

Every time an employer or client has expressed frustration with their CRM, they change their mind the minute they learn the cost to solve the problem. Never mind that the investment will pay for itself, they are constantly forced to weigh expenses like this vs. investing in services.

Thanks for the great blog. I recommend it every chance I get.

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