Why Your Giving Tuesday Efforts Will Succeed Or Fail

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Our sector is, once again, awaiting the results of Giving Tuesday without much thought about what value WE are giving to our supporters— and that’s really too bad.

“Why,” you might ask?

The answer: Because immutable laws apply when money is involved.

One such law:
In most cases, money only changes hands when someone who cares about your mission gains something of equal or greater value in return for their gifts.

The more you give to your supporters, the more they will give to support your mission (proportionate to their capacity, of course).

Thus, the results of your Giving Tuesday efforts (and your entire year’s fundraising efforts) will directly reflect the amount of value YOU have already provided to your supporters.

If you gave little, you will get little.

So, this week, if you are unhappy with your fundraising results, first consider what value you gave your supporters all year long. Only then will you be able to properly correlate Giving Tuesday outcomes with your actions throughout the past year.

And now, are you wondering how to provide serious value to your supporters? Just go here: https://imarketsmart.com/10-ways-to-deliver-value-to-your-major-donors-and-planned-giving-prospects/


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