A powerful new way to deliver value to your future supporters

If you work for a college or university, you already know that many of your donors give because of the experience they had when they attended your institution. For instance, they might have had a professor who changed their life for the better. Or, they might have ‘found themselves’ during that period in their lives.

When those stories exist and are brought to the surface, institutions raise tremendous amounts of money.

But what if institutions helped create those stories intentionally?

For instance, imagine if your institution were to do much more to ensure that its students were not just educated, but also truly supported as they embarked on their career journey?

What if your institution could supply experienced career coaches for each and every student so they could benefit from personalized guidance and encouragement from an experienced career coach who would support them with guided learning and an action path?

I know… you already have a career services team. But they are probably overwhelmed and usually can’t provide the kind of in-depth, one-to-one support most students and their parents need (and want).

If your institution were to provide this kind of high level support, it would surely become deeply entrenched in every student’s life story. Their family’s, too! They’d remember that support forever! And, they’d be much more likely to feel compelled to give back over time.

This is how the seeds of philanthropy get planted. After all, the promise of education is also entwined with the promise of job stability and career enjoyment. Right?

Now, thanks to a company called Student Playbook colleges and universities can help their students navigate career planning so they are sure to get great jobs. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your college or university signs up with Student Playbook to augment your own career services offerings.
  2. Next your institution simply reviews and approves Student Playbook’s marketing material and supplies a list of parents to Student Playbook using their secure data transfer process.
  3. Then, Student Playbook does the rest. They help guide your students and recent graduates to opportunities that are right for them with easy-to-use resources and services. It’s a high-impact, turnkey solution. Oh, and by the way, it’s 100% free to your institution.

Pretty cool, right? Your students and their families can gain tremendous value from your institution and it will be remembered by your students, their parents and grandparents for all time.

Plus, if you combine the value of Student Playbook with our supporter survey System, you’ll be able to capture their story of appreciation while also finding out about their interest in giving. Then our System could automatically cultivate your relationship with them until they show that they are ready to talk about donating.

This is an excellent way to gather important information about potential major donors that is NOT available using wealth screening or traditional prospect research methods.

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