Why MarketSmart's logo is a lightbulb.

After more than 2 years, it finally dawned on her.
A wonderful fundraiser had been buying from us (MarketSmart) when finally, one day she exclaimed, “Hold on… you guys are doing with me exactly what you’ve been telling me to do with my donors!”
Guilty as charged.
Have you ever sat back and thought about the marketing we develop here at MarketSmart?
Top of the funnel: AWARENESS

Middle of the funnel: INTEREST

Bottom of the funnel: DESIRE

  • A proposal
  • More meetings with your colleagues
  • Request for a contract


  • Signed contract (Yay!)

Yes, we use the same kinds of technologies, strategies, and tactics we recommend you use. 
We treat our clients/customers the way we think you should treat your major donors.
And, it works! We have thousands of highly-qualified leads, we cultivate relationships with them through value-oriented engagements, and we help facilitate their movement of themselves through the consideration process.
We eat our own dog food, indeed!
For this lovely fundraiser, after 2 years, the lightbulb was turned on! The ‘ah-hah’ moment arrived.
So that’s why we use a lightbulb in our logo.
Want your lightbulb to go on too? GET A DEMO.  🙂

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