Why what you do is called ADVANCEMENT

Ever wonder why what you do is called ‘advancement’? Here’s the answer:

Your primary role is to help donors move themselves forward through their own consideration and decision-making processes… to ‘advance.’

It is NOT your job to ‘move’ them. Here’s why:

The process for making a major gift is a highly considered decision. It’s not transactional and impulse-oriented. It takes time.

When advancement works best, would-be donors first come to understand their own motivations. They either already know them or realize what’s driving their desire to share their wealth (thanks to your support). After all, giving away your hard earned money is not natural. But, when an individual’s motivations are strong and understood by themselves, their inclination to give grows.

Having said that, it’s important to recognize that without serious motivation, there will be no serious gift. And, serious motivation generally arises when one or all of the following intersect with your cause and what your organization or institution can do for others on a donor’s behalf.

  1. Their life story or history.
    For example, a parent or grandparent taught them the importance of your mission. Or, perhaps the donor was helped by one of your volunteers at a time in their life when they needed it most.
  2. Their values align with those your organization or institution espouses.
    In other words, you help them right wrongs or give them a way to feel more spiritual or religious.
  3. The people they care about.
    By involving themselves with your mission, they gain a sense of community or feel a sense of belonging.

Help your supporters connect those dots and you’ll help them advance.

Ask them for money, and they’ll recoil.

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