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Do you care more about your legacy society than the donors in it?

Some nonprofits seem to care about ‘having’ a legacy society far more than they care about the donors in them. 

There’s lots of evidence supporting my claim. For instance:

  • Way less than half of the people who make planned gifts notify the nonprofits in advance and many of those that do ask to be anonymous.
  • Look online and try to determine the benefits of joining any legacy society and you’ll see that too many provide very little real, meaningful value to the donors.
  • Some just give donors a pin and a newsletter.
  • Others don’t do anything for the donors except put them on a list in the annual report (sometimes without their permission). Yipes!

I think the organizations maintaining these weak societies created them primarily for two reasons:

  1. They believe they have to create a legacy society in order to have a robust legacy giving program but they don’t understand their true purpose.
  2. They think the opportunity to join the legacy society is a major motivator. But think about it, would you change your will just to get into the legacy society or to get on a list in the annual report or on the website?  I didn’t think so?

Some do it right.

They recognize that a legacy society can be a powerful marketing tool for:

  • Encouraging supporters to disclose their legacy gift intentions.
  • Ensuring that gifts remain in the supporters’ plans.
  • Generating leads for additional legacy gifts.
  • Gaining referrals.

How do they do it?

  • They show that they sincerely care about and appreciate each donor — not just about the existence of the society.
  • They provide them with massive value.
  • They create offers for engagement and involvement.
  • They offer opportunities for them to do even more in ways they never imagined.
  • They help the donors show their friends, colleagues and peers that they are helping your organization by making the ultimate gift.
  • They make sure they feel good!


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