The easiest way to grow your Legacy Society (5 super-simple steps)

Everyone wants planned gifts.
But so few invest the time and money necessary to inspire them. Events, annual fund mailings, operation meetings, and tons of other things get in the way.

So here’s the simplest thing you can do to grow your Legacy Society instantly:
Ask your Board!

Here’s how to do it:
Step 1.  At your next Board meeting, make sure to include a mini-survey in the pile of papers you set in each member’s spot at the table.

Step 2. The survey should include a question that asks if they have included your organization in their plan already or if they need help.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The specific words and their arrangement in this mini-survey is very important for success. If you need help getting that written, we’ll help you for free.

Step 3. When the agenda topic comes up at the meeting, tell the Board Members a true story about an average supporter (not a wealthy one) and their legacy gift.

Step 4. Then, ask them to fill out the mini-survey and give it to you right then.

Step 5. Finally, ask if anyone in the group wants to share their intentions with the rest of the Board Members (hopefully this gets a dialogue going and creates a bandwagon effect).

That’s it! I guarantee you’ll uncover significant hidden gifts and inspire new ones.

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One response to “The easiest way to grow your Legacy Society (5 super-simple steps)”

  1. Nancy Preston says:

    This is a bold move, but starting with your internal stakeholders – and most importantly your leadership – makes perfect sense. Thanks for your insight.

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