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Could advertising to your Facebook fans be a stroke of planned giving marketing brilliance?

Think about this. Planned giving marketing begins with a good list, right? I’ve seen it time and time again.  When we look at the folks… Read More

What's the response rate?

I hear that question a lot in lead generation marketing, planned giving marketing, sponsorship marketing and just about any other kind of marketing you can… Read More

What the heck is email marketing automation?

With the development of social media – and the problems of spam and information overload – email may be losing some of its power. Smart… Read More

Even more awesome ways to use LinkedIn for business.

Join industry and alumni associations These groups offer a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and find new connections. People like to do business… Read More

Some more ways to make the most of LinkedIn.

Generate leads- If you’ve got something really worthwhile to offer – such as a great free report – you could use it to generate leads…. Read More

Why blog?

Blogs are free. When tied to your website they offer a more engaging glimpse into your business, philosophies and expertise. A blog is the easiest… Read More

Some neat stats on social media and how it's used by consumers

The great thing about social media is that it’s free. Well… almost free.  Actually it requires a tremendous time commitment in order to create and… Read More

The basics of pay-per-click advertising.

Since SEO requires so much work in order to get high rankings with search engines, you may want to find a better way to get… Read More

What is a highly-qualified lead for planned giving?

A great deal of confusion surrounds whom you should approach for planned gifts. So let’s begin by defining the types of people you will find… Read More

3 Steps to Figure Out Which Email Subject Line Will Perform Best

So you’re scratching your head wondering which subject line will get your email blast opened and read, right? Scratch no further. Here’s how we choose… Read More

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