3 Steps to Figure Out Which Email Subject Line Will Perform Best

So you’re scratching your head wondering which subject line will get your email blast opened and read, right?
Scratch no further. Here’s how we choose the best subject line for an email campaign.  If you implement this trick, you’ll be sure to improve your email marketing results.
1- Using a list of 14,500 email, we split the list into 3 parts.

  • Test List A – 1,000 emails
  • Test List B – 1,000 emails
  • Final list – 12,500 emails

2- Next we blasted Test List A and Test List B at the same time.
3- Within a few hours we could see clearly which email performed better and used that subject line the next day for the remaining 12,500 emails.
Easy.  Effective.  Smart.

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