Even more awesome ways to use LinkedIn for business.

Join industry and alumni associationsLinkedIn icon

These groups offer a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and find new connections.

People like to do business with those who have attended the same college or belong to the same industry association. There is comfort and trust among those who belong to the same organizations.

Join those groups and search for people you might know.  Then connect.

Promote your recent work accomplishments

Update your status with interesting (make sure it truly is interesting) reports about your business accomplishments, meetings with interesting people and awards. This is PR in the new age.

Use the search facility for prospecting

Use LinkedIn’s search feature to find people who might need what you sell. Search by company, industry and city. Or, better yet… search through your primary contacts’ networks to see who they know. Then ask them for an introduction via LinkedIn.

Use the LinkedIn email system

This is email sent through the LinkedIn system. Inmail has been reported to get good open and read rates.

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