What age group responds to planned giving email marketing the most?

What age group responds to planned giving email marketing the most? The following chart shows the age breakdown for the leads we generated and gifts we uncovered for one of our clients.


It’s interesting that there are quite a good number of 25-54 year old respondents interested in planned giving estate planning information.  Furthermore, it’s also interesting that there are quite a number of 65+ respondents.

How did we get this information? 

We sent out about 300,000 emails over the course of the year and generated about 3,500 requests for information.  Among the requests, many asked us to email the information to them.  We took those emails and appended age data to them.  Only a certain percentage of those emails had age data available.  The chart above shows what we found.

Time to think again?

If you want to generate leads and find “hidden” planned gifts, email marketing works.

If you think that the responses you get will only come from younger donors, you might want to think again.


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Phyyllis Freedman
11 years ago

Hi Greg
Great data! Thanks so much for sharing. Any chance you can further break out the 65+ group? I’m not surprised 65 year olds are online. What about those 75+? Or even 80+? Those are the people I think some in our field believe aren’t online.
Regards, Phyllis

11 years ago

Unfortunately the data appending firm we used only reported that group as “65+”. For those of us in planned giving marketing, I agree that it would be great to know how many folks are over 75 or 80. But, they lumped all those folks into one category.
I’d bet most are 65-70. According to Pew’s new study, internet use drops off significantly for those who are 76+ (G.I. Generation). Only 34% use the Internet regularly.
Personally I feel that most folks over 75 have already made their Legacy plans. But I don’t have any research to support my theory. Keep in mind that the average life expectancy is around that age too.

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