Air support

major and planned gift marketing needsMilitary forces have been used for humanitarian purposes for decades all over the world.
These days, in the aftermath of a disaster, we fully expect to see the military providing logistical support for the civilian population. And, without fail, it almost always involves air support and boots on the ground.
Non-military forces use air support too.
Californians benefit tremendously from their CAL FIRE emergency response air program. It includes 23 1,200 gallon air tankers and 11 air tactical helicopters (to direct boots on the ground from above).
You need air support too.
Major and planned gift marketing needs awesome air support (great marketing) to make your boots on the ground (you) exponentially more effective.Tweet This
Next time you budget for marketing, you really need to ask for more help and the right kind of help. Remind your boss and your board that your efforts will be more successful if you get the proper air support. Remind them that your efforts are just like the military’s and CAL FIRE’s.
If you budget for great air support, you’ll be able to raise more money.
Then, more people will get saved.
They’ll get water.
Missing family members will get found.
As a whole, people’s lives will be improved.
Then the only question will be, who’s helping you with your air support? Who can do it efficiently and effectively to help you lower fundraising costs while increasing results?
If you don’t have an answer, maybe you should consider seeing my ideas in action. Just click here to do so.

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