Want to get a $1 million dollar donation? Here's how:

how to get a 1 million dollar donationDid you know that there’s a report about $1 million dollar+ giving developed by Coutts in association with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy? Coutts is one of the world’s oldest banks and wealth management firms located in Scotland.
Anyway, their report is fascinating. Filled with lots of neat tidbits of data. But what I like best is the advice it provides.
Here are their bullet-points (straight out of the report) for generating $1 million+ donations. I bolded the parts I like best.

  • Dream big about what you would do with a million dollar investment, and then have a clear and easy way to communicate this strategic vision.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money on fundraising. Many charities are reluctant to invest in this, but it pays off in the long term.
  • Give a lot of thought in advance to how you will acknowledge your major donors. Discuss with them if, and how, they want to be recognised.
  • Donors are people who possess assets and resources beyond money. Involve your donor in the charity and talk to them about their interests.
  • Extend relationships with donors beyond the fundraising team. Philanthropists will often want to meet senior management as well as people on the front line of the charity.
  • Planning and defined objectives are part of what earns you the right to be considered for large gifts. You need to have a plan for the future, whether it will take many gifts over a decade or a single 1 million dollar donation to realize it.
  • Develop a relationship and build trust with the potential donor. Be patient and realistic about how long it will take to cultivate a donation of this size.
  • Identifying potential donors is about relationships, not cold calling. If someone is willing to refer you and leverage their personal network for you, that’s a huge endorsement.
  • Set out clear expectations on both sides at the start of a partnership; the best relationships are founded on honesty and genuine synergy between charity and supporter. Delivering what you say you will is, of course, vitally important.
  • Be an expert in your field. Donors need to know that you have a good intellectual understanding of the issue or problem at hand, and a good understanding of how you are going to attack that issue.



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Rachel Muiruri
Rachel Muiruri
8 years ago

Dear Greg,
Allow me to introduce our organization.
Rachels Development programme is an registered NGO working on heath, agriculture and empowers women and youth through entrepreneurship in Kenya. Through our resource mobilization we enable orphans and vulnerable children to get education, medical care and other basic need through our outreach programme.
I believe our joint effort can change the livelihoods of less fortunate and most needy people in the community.
Your blogs are very educative and inspiring. We humbly request you to be a friend of this organization and also to link us donors, foundations and also volunteers.
Kindly visit our website :www.rachsdep.org
Looking forward to hear from you.
Best Regards,
Rachel Muiruri
Executive Director.

Janet MH
Janet MH
7 years ago

Hi Greg, I’m Janet Mahilum-Haydock, I Founded our not for profit Foundation by sending children to school in the Philippines. I collect Cans at work , I work as Nursing Aid as part time to support our Foundation. Thanks for the information and I lived in Canada and I am praying that one day someone will donate our Mahilum-Haydock Education Foundation. Please Google us and one day I would like to registered our Foundation. more power to your a d your family.

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