Why a single tambourine is annoying and what you can do about it

major and planned gift marketingBang-jangle! Bang-jangle! Bang-jangle! That’s the sound of a lone tambourine.
Sounds good if it’s accompanied with music and it follows a consistent cadence. But when it’s banged on it’s own, it’s a bit distracting (at best) and downright annoying (at worst).
Sadly, too many major and planned gift marketing efforts are like a lone tambourine— solo operations handled by a single fundraiser who has been assigned too many prospects. That lone fundraiser might be the equivalent of the greatest tambourine in the world. But, absent the accompanying music and the proper cadence, their prospects might only hear bang-jangle!… bang jangle!
I’m saying that I think fundraisers deserve great marketing that supports their efforts. 
I think they deserve solid, consistent marketing that includes their photo and signature.
I think that marketing should report to their supporters how donations get used and what impact has been achieved.
I think that marketing should be personalized and relevant based on what their supporters told the fundraiser about their interests in the past.
I think the marketing should not include an “ask” unless the timing is right.
I think the marketing should always provide value to their prospect list. It should include offers to get involved and engaged.
And, finally, I know that proper marketing support costs less than hiring another fundraiser (tambourine).
Get good marketing and your supporters will appreciate and look forward to the frequent updates and offers. Then, as a result of the proper marketing, they will give more when the time is right.

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