Uncover Problems Before Your Supporters Leave You Forever

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My firm once used a vendor to help us. He was a nice guy. But he delivered his work product at a certain pace— slow. One day, we found another vendor. His pricing was the same but he delivered his work product at a very different pace— fast. Time is money for us. So we switched vendors.

Why am I telling you this?
Because we never heard back from our original “not fast” vendor. He never called, emailed or sent us a letter asking, “What happened? How come you guys don’t call me anymore? Did I screw up? What can I do to fix this?” He just let us go.
Your donors do the same to you?

What should you do?
Survey your donors, supporters and advocates before they leave you. Find out how you can make their engagement experience better. Plug the holes in your relationship. Do it now before they leave you forever.


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Theresa Nagle
Theresa Nagle
9 years ago

At times it can be quite painful to learn about donors’ and prospective donors’ disgruntlement with your organization. However, if you can listen with heart, let them KNOW you’re listening and will take their complaints to those who can possibly provide a remedy and get back to them in a timely fashion, it can do wonders for their relationship with the organization and with you as their assigned giving officer. It does take time, but it’s absolutely time well spent!

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