Have you ever had one of these horrible bosses?

According to Toni Coleman, interim editor in chief of CASE’s CURRENTS Magazine, there are 4 types of horrible bosses:

  1. The micromanager
  2. The disinterested boss
  3. The bully
  4. The abuser

Have you worked for one of them?
If so, please share your story in the comments section below.

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6 years ago

Yes, I’ve had the micro manager, the bully and the abuser. But I will not put my stories in writing. Sorry.

6 years ago

I’ve had the same as Nancy; micromanager and a bully that morphed into an abuser. After I left the position with the latter, this boss chased a colleague into her office and when she locked her door so that he couldn’t get in he banged on the door yelling “I AM YOUR BOSS. OPEN THIS DOOR.” Not okay but people still get away with this garbage. Working for bad bosses creates bad habits that follow you into new jobs with good bosses. Once you find the latter it is important to recognize all the tactics you have learned to protect yourself. Because those tactics do not make you a better fundraiser!

6 years ago
Reply to  Grace

So sorry to hear that. Youch!

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