Focus on your donors' lives, not their wallets

I came across this very interesting article a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d share it since it led me to a terrific new study you might want to download for free. Among the key points made in the report are the following:
1. Legacy giving is different from lifetime giving. It’s not a transaction. Instead, it is all about the donor’s desire to feel good about having done something meaningful with their life.
“What we find is that legacy giving has little if nothing to do with our own organisations, but instead is a reflection of the lives of our donors,” said Ashley Rowthorn (Director of the fundraising consultancy Legacy Voice).
2. A long-term, cultivation approach is the best way to go since you never know when a life circumstance will arrive leading a donor to examine their plan.
“adopting the ‘drip-drip’ approach to legacy marketing, so that when these events occur the charity is already top of mind.”
3. Engaging with supporters in ways that encourage them to think about their lives (the ‘life review process’) helps get them in the bequest giving state of mind.

“the process of leaving a legacy is analogous to creating the final chapter in one’s visualised autobiography”

There’s much more. Check it out here and get the report. Again, it’s free.


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