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Donors give when THEY want to give, not when YOU want them to give

It ain’t about you.

Unsuccessful fundraisers want donors to give on their timeline, not the donor’s.

They think they can make the donor ‘move’ when they want them to ‘move’.

They ignore where the donor resides in the consideration process.

They let their boss, their leadership or their board tell them when they need to close the gift instead of filling a pipeline with qualified supporters at various stages of consideration so gifts drop consistently throughout the year (when the donors are ready).

Come on folks… donor-centricity is a way of life, not a buzzword!

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  1. Rob Robinson, Consultant December 13, 2017 Reply

    Greg… Your comments are “right on point”. I have been in business (both for-profit and non-profit) for over 50 years and now spend my working time as a consultant to non-profit development teams. I am regularly amazed at the lack of understanding by many board members and bosses concerning just how the “fund raising process” works.

    I like to use the analogy that fund raising is like farming… if you wish to have a “bumper” crop, you have to spend time doing the proper steps to realize a maximum yield (ie. Investigation, Cultivation, Solicitation, and (most important) Stewardship). There’s also a time factor involved, as these relationships are not formed and maintained overnight! This isn’t rocket science… but simply common sense!

    Ok… I’m off my soap box and thanks for the outlet!

    • Author
      Greg Warner December 13, 2017 Reply

      Thanks Rob. In this day and age, everyone wants instant gratification… a quick-fix. But some things just take time.

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