Do you include lists of other donors in your marketing?

Safety in numbers.
Not all that long ago, humans lived in tribes and clans for safety.
So, today, it’s no surprise that people still maintain tribal behaviors. Instinctively, we join clubs, teams, and groups. We also decide what to say and do based on what others are saying and doing.
Social proof.
Face it, we humans are hard-wired to look for clues among our peers before we open our mouths or take action. In fact, a study of door-to-door fundraisers requesting donations confirmed the power of social proof.
The study, conducted by Peter Reingen of ASU’s W. P. Carey School of business, involved a group of researchers in a neighborhood asking for donations for a charity. For some of the prospects, a list was shown of the other nearby residents who had already donated.
Interestingly, the longer the list of previous donors, the more likely the prospects were to give money themselves.
Do you include lists of other donors in your marketing?

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Laura Waller
Laura Waller
6 years ago

When we give and have opportunities to become truly engaged, we no longer just “belong” – we participate. What a way to create a fulfilled and meaningful life! Thank you, Greg, for sharing this gem.

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