Chasm between knowledge and ignorance in marketing and advertising

If you are spending your donors’ hard-earned cash on marketing (fundraising), you must watch this short video from one of my heroes – David Ogilvy
Lessons learned include:
1. Personalize your marketing to your supporters
2. Don’t be afraid to write lengthy letters or emails (long copy works better than short copy… if it’s good)
3. Get trained in direct marketing and direct selling

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Shira Oler
8 years ago

What is the date of this video? Don’t you think some of this information is outdated?

8 years ago
Reply to  Shira Oler

The video is very old. I hope you didn’t dismiss it because it looked so ancient.
Just about everything he said is still 100% true today.
David Ogilvy was the father of modern day marketing. His genius was wayyyyyy ahead of his time. This video is timeless. Enjoy!

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