7 key questions for qualifying your major gift and planned gift prospects

The funny thing about fundraising is that just about every nonprofit has plenty of data, plenty of prospects, and some even have wealth screened data— so they have plenty of prospects that they know have the capacity to give.

But are they qualified? In other words, should you really be meeting and spending your valuable time with them?

Too often the answer is NO! Too many fundraisers spend too much time with unqualified prospects. This costs your organization money (since your salary pays for your time).

Here are 7 key questions to ask yourself about each major and legacy gift prospect before spending (wasting) too much time on them and costing your organization too much money:

  1. Do they have money or assets? Yes or no?
  2. Do they care? Explain why: ___________
  3. Do they have a personal connection? Yes or no?
  4. What is that connection and/or story? Describe it: _____________
  5. Might that connection result in a gift in honor or in memoriam of someone? Yes or no?
  6. Can they say, “Yes”? Yes or no?
  7. If not, what’s preventing them from saying, “Yes”? Specify: _____________


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