Are we sometimes asking donors the wrong questions?

In Abila’s new donor engagement report, the first question they asked donors was, “What matters most to you?”
Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 9.38.07 AM
Problem is… the answers they allowed were not all that great.  And the results really don’t tell us much.

That’s why I think we might be asking donors the wrong questions. What can you possibly conclude from the chart above? What’s the marketing takeaway there?

I think donors want value in exchange for their money.  
I think they want to feel good.
They want to be the hero in their own life story.
They want to be remembered.
They want to honor or memorialize someone they love.
They want to support missions that align with theirs so they find meaning in their lives.
They want to get that warm, fuzzy feeling.
They want to get a big dose of dopamine!!!!

But you wouldn’t be able to ask donors if they want dopamine, right? So what do you think? Did Abila ask the wrong question here? Or did they fail to provide enough selections? Or both.

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