Your Donor Engagement Experience Sucks!

your donor engagement sucksIf your donor engagement experience sucks, your organization might be in real big trouble because donors have seriously impressive memories.

According to Penelope Burk, 46% of respondents to her 2014 Burk Donor Survey “can vividly remember their first foray into philanthropy.” She continues by saying, “Donors say they experience a joyful rush when they make the decision to give but are often disappointed when the acknowledgement letter they get back is labored and distant.”
I think donors are also disappointed with the online experience many nonprofits provide.
Here’s a report from Dunham+Company and Next After (link removed – report now offline) that shows what happens if you give about 150 organizations $20 and document the process. Here are just a few of their findings below:

Email Registration
66% of email sign-up offers provide little-to-no interest to a potential donor.
Email Communication
More than one-third of organizations did not send a single email to new subscribers within the first 30 days of signing up.
79% of emails do not personalize the “To Line” with a first and last name.
56% of organizations did not make a single ask in the first 90 days!
Online Donation Experience
• While 80% present a clear call-to-action and 85% have a landing page design that matches the email, 84% were not optimized for mobile viewing.
Gift Acknowledgment
Most organizations (99%) understand the importance of thanking a donor, but 63% did not offer a donor “next steps” to take.
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