3 real world examples of the Pareto Principle

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Greg Warner is CEO and Founder of MarketSmart, a revolutionary marketing software and services firm that helps nonprofits raise more for less. In 2012 Greg coined the phrase “Engagement Fundraising” to encapsulate his breakthrough fundraising formula for achieving extraordinary results. Using their own innovative strategies and technologies, MarketSmart helps fundraisers around the world zero in on the donors most ready to support their organizations and institutions with major and legacy gifts.

If you know me and this blog, you know that I talk about the Pareto Principle a lot. That’s the concept developed by Vilfredo Pareto in 1906 when he determined that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people. He later found that 80% of the peas in his garden came from just 20% of his pea plants.
I bring this up so often because, if you are like most, 80% of your organization’s revenue comes from just 20% of your supporters. And, in many cases these days, that is becoming 90/10.

Here are some real world examples of the Pareto Principle you might find interesting:


Think about your life too. I bet you’ll recognize that:

  • 20% of your co-workers create 80% of the problems in the office
  • 20% of the fundraisers on staff are responsible for 80% of the organization’s revenue
  • And, 20% of the carpet in your office gets used 80% of the time!

So, as this year comes to a close and you start planning for 2017, remember to consider the Pareto Principle. Then reach out to us because that’s just about all we do!

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